To deliver exceptional customer service.
To economically benefit the local communities we operate within.
To encourage preservation of sustainable farming and fishing.
To reduce the carbon imprint in areas of outstanding beauty.
To achieve sustainable growth that benefits the businesses we work with.
To source our produce from sustainable stocks and in sustainable methods.
To highlight the wonderful food that is available to us without the need for convenience.


We are trying to do something different and to prove this we have developed 8 promises we guarantee on a Gourmet Safari.

1. Our tour guides create memories you will never forget, bringing the trip to life when you want it but respecting your need to your own space when you don’t.

2. There are no hidden extras. All the tour costs are included in the ticket price.

3. Everyone pays the same. There are no discounts simply to fill tours. We can cater for 12 people on our advertised Safaris. You will not find the tours anywhere else.

4. Locally produced food and wine. We only take you to atmospheric restaurants that deserve their reputations for delectable food.

5. We personally research every tour and pilot it until we are happy that it meets our expectations.

6: We offer exceptional value for money. We negotiate with our suppliers through repeated business to get you real value. We want to drive economy back into local businesses and the communities we trade with.

7:  We value our environment and work earnestly to reduce our impacts and yours by taking less cars into the nature reserves, and use low emission vehicles.

8:  We pride ourselves on our customer service. Our guides, drivers and the businesses we work with are here to serve you and create a relaxing ambience. Therefore, you can really sit back and relax from your daily routines.