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South Hams Safari

Tour Level


There are no physical aspects to this tour. Conveniences are available at each location.

There will be elements of activity from around 1 – 2km walk with some steps involved or hilly terrain. Trainers or boat shoes will be appropriate.

There are elements of uneven ground, walks up to 5km over hilly terrain and possible ascending of ladders to pontoons. Good footwear is advisable

There is a physical demand on the participant where they will need to have sturdy footwear and be prepared to be away from the vehicle for long periods. Toilets are more remote and available at points within the journey.

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Half Day

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Full Day Tour

£79 per person

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Your chance to

  • Cruise over the estuaries.
  • Discover this area of outstanding beauty.
  • Relax in good company.
  • Taste local fine wine and produce.

At a glance

  • A unique tour of the South Hams.
  • Private Dart Charter with Luxury hamper.
  • Meet like-minded people.
  • Vineyard tour with tasting.

What's Included

  • Travel arrangements and all costs.
  • All food locally produced.
  • Refreshments served throughout the day.
  • All of your tasting experiences.

What’s not included

  • Travel insurance.
  • Accommodation.
  • Clothing and footwear.
  • Anyone under 18.

What do you need to bring

  • Suitable clothing for boating and walking.
  • Reasonable footwear – deck shoes etc.
  • Medical information we need to know.

What do you need to do next

  • Book your accommodation.
  • Contact us with any allergy information.
  • Book your tour?

The Dartmouth Gourmet Safari departs from The Royal Castle Hotel 11 The Quay, TQ6 9PS

South Hams Safari

Want a day-trip with a difference? With an all-inclusive South Hams Safari, you’ve got it! On our 5 hour tour, we meet at the Royal Castle Hotel where you will meet your guide and fellow travellers. We track down delicious local and sustainable food in a shorter series of tasting experiences at renowned watering holes throughout the area. We take in some of its finest foods, wines, and juices produced by artisan craftsmen; hear their stories and learn about the history that made the South Hams what it is, winding through the countryside on little-used routes by private mini bus and by boat along the estuaries.

Working best for 4-12 people we also deliver bespoke tours for corporate away days, “ladies that lunch” or guests who wish to wine and dine in a different way. So, let us take care of your day. Join us for a food adventure of a lifetime!!

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South Hams Safari

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Dartmouth and the Dart

The tour commences with a history of Dartmouth, the beginnings of the town, Bayards Cove Fort and Quay. The crusades that left from here and the Darts importance in the medieval era. From Pirates to Privateers its all to be discovered.

Blackpool Beach

A hidden beach and one of the most breathtaking in South Devon. It could be mistaken for the Mediterranean for the tropical plants that grow here. We stop for incredible story of The Battle of Blackpool Sands.

Start Bay

Known for its importance in the D- Day landings, however previously in 1831 it was a favourite with sporting and hunting enthusiasts and nearly became one of Britain's Safari Resorts. Slapton Lee was formed over 3000 years ago and it is home to some of the rarest and largest collections of biodiversity in England.

The Stokeley Farm Shop

Here we collect the products for our hamper on the River Dart Cruise. It's also a great opportunity to purchase some local products which we can keep fresh in the Gourmet Cool Box. We stop for a tasting from a selection of local cheeses, local smoked and cured meats, real ale from the South Hams Brewery and a selection of Luscombe Drinks.

The Sharpham Vineyard

This thousand year old farm consists of five hundred acres owned by the Sharpham Trust. The house, designed in 1770 by Sir Robert Taylor, overlooks the beautiful rolling hills surrounding the lower meandering Dart. The setting of the vineyard is spectacular and made even more special by the Sharpham Sparkling Reserve. An elegant dry traditionally made wine with a rich depth of fruit.

Private River Dart Cruise

We conclude our adventure with a private charter on the Lower River Dart, taking in the hamlets and villages as we pass by. From the walk down to the quay to the views from the river itself are memories you will keep forever. We compliment the cruise with blankets for comfort and liquid refreshments alongside local produce from the luxury Gourmet Safari hamper.

We look forward to meeting you and your participation in our guided tours.

  • Seasonal Information

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Seasonal Information

Our Spring tours run from April though to May, They start and finish earlier due to the changes in light hours. They are a marvel of forest floors covered in Bluebells and Wild Garlic. With low early sunsets we return during the early hours of the evening. Spring tours would suit those who like an earlier night.Andrews_Wood_blue bells
Our Summer tours run from June to August and take in the later summer nights. We leave later and utilise the long evenings to enjoy our tasting opportunities. Our summer tours suit those who like to enjoy their evenings and want to take full advantage of the “Golden and Happy Hours”.Kingswear-at-Dusk-NS
Our Autumnal tours run from September to October and return to our early starts, we take in the beautiful colour changes of lush greens to autumnal oranges and reds.

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