Gourmet Safari Tours

Posted on 7th January 2016 by gourmetguides

Gourmet Safari Tours

If you want to truly get to know a destination and see its culture, you need to meet its people, taste its produce and drink its wine! We offer a unique and artisan way to taste local produce and fine wine that combines minimal activity. And what better way to do that than in the company of like-minded people. We currently serve the towns of Dartmouth, Salcombe, Torbay and Totnes on a day tour that takes you through South Devon’s stunning are of outstanding natural beauty.

Devon features truly mesmerising landscapes, turquoise waters and sun kissed beaches. Some areas you could even mistake for the Mediterranean as long as you bring your coat… The UK actually receives a lot more blue sky days than you would think, it truly matches many a holiday abroad, if you think about your clothing.

If you are an adventurous foodie and like to taste cultural and authentic dishes, day-boat caught fish, Fruits de Mer, home baked bread and produce straight from the farm. Look no further, join us on one of our Safaris. Our advertised tours are based on one-day itineraries, However, we can cater for any size party or audience on a bespoke booking. We will work with you to be sure you get the features, food and experience you are looking for.

We only work with local suppliers and businesses so that we actively benefit the communities we operate in. The South Hams Safari actively promotes local businesses and exclusive hotels for each departure location.

We are trying to do something different and to prove this we have developed 8 promises we guarantee on a Gourmet Safari.

1: Our tour guides create memories you will never forget, bringing the trip to life when you want it but respecting your need to your own space when you don’t.

2; There are no hidden extras. All the tour costs are included in the ticket price.

3:  Everyone pays the same. There are no discounts simply in order to fill tours. We can cater for 12 people on our advertised Safaris. You will not find the tours anywhere else.

4:  To feature locally produced food and fine wine. We only take you to atmospheric restaurants that deserve their reputations for delectable food.

5:  We personally research every tour and pilot it until we are happy that it meets our expectations.

6: We offer exceptional value for money. Food tourism has more upfront costs than your average activity where the experience is a facility or equipment. We are supporting local businesses and by repeat business we are able to offer you real value. We want to drive the economy into the local businesses and the communities we trade with.

7:  We value our environment and work earnestly to reduce our impact and yours by taking fewer cars into the nature reserves, and by using low emission vehicles.

8: We promise seamless customer service. The guides, drivers and businesses we work with are here to serve you and create a relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, you can really sit back and relax from your daily routines.

Gourmet Safaris

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